Corrosion Inhibitors

  • CS-05.png CS-01.png

    CorroShield (SC)

    It can be used to inhibit organic and inorganic acids It inhibits hydrochloric acid action on Galvanized steel (reduction) It prevents chemical plating of copper over steel by chelating the free copper ions resulting from the cleaning It has very high...
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  • HSXP-05.png HSXP-15.png

    HydroShield XP (SC)

    Protects against corrosion: Iron, Steel, Copper, Brass and Aluminum Does not promote microbial growth unlike Nitrite-based blends Non-foaming Hard water stability Protects carbon steel in low conductivity water (even deionized)
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  • HSSP-P-45.png

    Hydroshield SP, Powder, 45lb. (SC)

    Minimize corrosion of multi-metals in hydronic systems Does not support microbiological growth Fast dissolving. It does not need mixing Save money in transportation - concentrated Easy to test for. Helps maintain correct dosage
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  • HSLT-05.png HydroShield LT (SC)

    HydroShield LT (SC)

    Blend of corrosion inhibitors to protect iron, steel, copper and aluminum during long-term and short-term hydro-testing operations, and Lay up of Hydronic systems Non-DOT regulated Non-Corrosive Biodegradable
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