• TS1-05.png

    Alondra Tire Shine, 5 gallon (HC)

    It produces a slick, durable Water resistant shine. It is easy to apply to tires by spray or brushing. This product does not contain alcohol or other flammable chemicals eliminating the need for special storage cabinets. The product is Thixotropic, so...
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  • APC-L20S-WithBottle.png APC-L20S.png

    All purpose cleaner pillows, box of 20 w/ sprayer (HC)

    This cleaner, in water soluble pods, is suitable to use in industrial, institutional, commercial and household applications to remove soil (soot, smoke, carbon, etc.) and grease from floors, walls, kitchen equipment and tiles. By direct spray this...
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  • FCW1-05.png

    Alondra Foaming Car Wash, 5 gallons (HC)

    Designed to clean cars, trucks, trailers, and other machinery by spray (automatic or manual) or brushing systems. Safe on paint. Balanced pH. It contains a blend of mild ionic and non-ionic detergents that are soft on the skin. It produces stable foam to...
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  • APC3-05.png

    Alondra All Purpose Cleaner Lavender, 5 gallons (HC)

    This cleaner is suitable to use in industrial, commercial and household applications to remove soil and grease from floors, walls, tables and tiles. It can also be used in recreational equipment to clean plastic, glass and other hard surfaces. Lavender...
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  • APC2-05.png

    Alondra Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner RTU, 5 gallons (HC)

    It cleans most hard surfaces including bathroom fixtures, kitchen hoods, mirrors, countertops, etc. It is streak free and has anti-fogging properties on glass. Dissolves grease and removes dirt by eliminating static charge of the particles. Non-steak...
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