LOADS Fundraising

Raising Money by Providing Needed Cleaning Products

  • Raise money for your organization by selling consumables everybody needs.
  • Save your patrons about 50% of the amount they would spend buying the same amounts of comparable products.
  • No investment needed at front. ZERO. We provide all forms in customizable formats for your programs. Just collect orders and money, send us the order and portion of the payment, and distribute the products to your patrons. Repeat as needed!


How Can We Support Your Program

  • We provide 100% money back guarantee on all products
  • We provide all necessary forms, brochures, and price lists in customizable formats
  • We will provide any technical assistance needed, and answer all questions your patron may have regarding the safety, usage, and environmental soundness of the products


Here is an example of how much profit a simple fundraising program would bring:

A pallet of 5 gallons of Laundry Detergent for HE/and Top loading machines contains 36 pieces.

Your cost per bucket would be $27.20 plus shipping which varies with distance and service. We will use an estimate based on experience of $5/bucket. That give you a total cost per pallet of ($27.20 + $5) x 36 = $1,159.20

We recommend, based on customer history to sell each 5-gallon bucket with pump at $45 to $50, a total of $1,620 to $1,800 per pallet. This price is way under the cost of comparable products with free delivery at Amazon.

A sport team of 12 members, where each member sells just 9 buckets, would sell three pallets of detergent for a profit for the team between $1,380 and $1,920 give it or take.

Make it a truck load of pallets (24), by teaming with other groups and reduce the freight cost and increase the profits from one event to over $12,000

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