WET International is an Experienced Manufacturer and Formulator of Value-Added Chemical Products


With over 18 year of product development and manufacturing experience in the areas of Industrial Water Treatment, Water Conditioning and Purification (Sales Demonstration Test Kits, Water Quality Sales Demonstration Test Kits, Installer's Test Kits, Individual Parameter Test Kits), Cleaning and Sanitation, Specialty Products (Cooling Tower Descalers, Rust Removers, Antifreeze, Corrosion Inhibitors, Specialty Water Treatment Formulations), Laboratory Reagents and Household and Commercial Cleaners, Including Laundry Detergent Fundraising (LOADS) Products (including powder and liquid formulas). We also hold a US Patent covering cleaning formulations to be contained in water-soluble films


  • Conversion of Standard Analytical Tests into Easy to Use Test Kits for: Water Conditioning, Cleaning and Sanitation, and Industrial Water Treatment. Check our Water Treatment Test Kits, Water Conditioning Test Kits (especially our Sales Demonstration Test Kits with several new testing tools) and Cleaning and Sanitation Test Kits Sections.
  • Development of a Unique Acid Carbonate Descalers (ScaleSolv®) to Clean Deposits in Cooling Towers and other water treatment equipment made of Galvanized Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper and Brass. Several formulas to cover special applications. Check our Specialty Products Section for a complete list of products and applications.
  • Development of Cleaning Products in Water Soluble Films. These formulas and packages constitute one of the most Environmentally advanced, Practical and Economical household and commercial systems for cleaning products. We also offer a line of cleaning products for Fundraising Campaigns - supported by providing all forms and calculation spreadsheets necessary to run the program.